Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jacob and Cubie

So my cousin Ange has a GIANT black lab, Cubie (he's so much bigger than any other lab I've ever seen). He might be big, but he is incredibly gentle and he loves kids. 2 years ago when we were out there for the race, Anna was about a year old and she did the exact same thing Jacob did--climbed all over him, laid on him and just loved him! And Cubie just laid there (both times) and let them!! Once in a while he'd give them a lick (or try) just to let them know he was actually alive (and not just a jungle gym/pillow!). It was so cute, then and now! :)

"Really Mama? I can play with this thing??"
Narrowly misses the lick ;)
"That's enough of that licking mister!"
"Here, I'll just climb over to the other side. Then maybe that big ol' tongue can't reach me..."
Well, the tongue might not reach, but the nose can do Mama a favor! haha "Mama, we should really get one of these at our house. They're so much fun!!"
Sorry, son. Been there, done that and it ain't happenin'! Too allergic :(
"Hmmm...this looks like a good part to climb over....."
Yeah, that's Cubie's face he's climbing over. Cubie just laid there like nothing was happening!

Whew! Tired boys after lots of hard play! :)

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