Tuesday, August 12, 2008

THE county fair :)

I had more pictures than I thought from Thursday night!

Anna got her face painted (it's a rose in case you can't tell...hey, it was a fund-raiser for the cheerleaders!)
She loved the swings. It was hilarious...as she would come around to where we were standing she just wiggled her eyebrows and looked out of the corner of her eye at us! It was comical!!

Jacob was enthralled with all the movement and lights. He had fun just riding around (either on Daddy's shoulders or in the stroller).

The train. And this was not a slow train! Seth and Addie graciously (really, I think they enjoyed it!!) agreed to take the kids. Jacob...he wasn't too sure about it. Anna LOVED it!

That would be a white-knuckled death grip Jacob has on Seth's shirt. He's not sure what to think about things.
See Jacob's hair? That's how fast that little train was going!!! And it went around like 20 times. It went around about 5 times too many for Jacob's liking!

Anna also rode these little cars. They had little bells on them and the people running the ride gave high fives as the kids came around.

Before we left, Jacob had fun pulling Seth's hat off and on. Over and over and over!

"Whatcha think Mama? Am I ready to work for KDOT??" :)

The kids weren't very cooperative with this picture, but oh well. Thanks Swiharts for the hospitality! We had so much fun!!! :)

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