Monday, September 22, 2008

Fun at "Papa's" Park

Jamie called last week and asked if we had plans for the weekend. So we all headed up to Iowa to visit Papa & Binga. The women and children stayed for a couple extra days (and came up early)...we've been having fun :)

Anna & Jacob at the mall's play-place. They love it and they both just sat there and watched everyone else play! They say that's what I used to do--just people watch (I still do!!).

There's a really nice park close to Papa & Binga's house. Anna calls it Papa's park :) Jacob just likes the swings!

There were some kids playing when we first got there, so of course Anna just sat to the side and watched. Then when they left, she was all over the playground.

Hudson had fun chewing on his Daddy's sunglasses, talking to Anna's doll, and watching Anna and Jacob play...he's a ham, too! :) (isn't he just so cute though?!)

Big sis giving a push. Jacob didn't care who it was as long as he kept moving!

We head home in the morning...should be an interesting ride with 3 little ones! Although the ride up was good--it just took forever! Between potty breaks, feeding breaks, and stand-still traffic b/c of construction, it was about 8 hrs. for us and 7 hrs. for Cassie & Hudson.

And, I got a laptop this weekend!! :) We got an awesome deal on it from Best Buy (it's an hp and that's all I want to remember...all those numbers!!!)--thanks for all the help and expertise Dad!. This will make it much easier for me to do my blogging ahem... Guidepost work on. Plus I feel all young and hip b/c I can take my laptop with me and hook up to some wi-fi at a swanky little coffee shop. HAHAHA

By the way, all these pictures were taken on Dad's new cell phone--those are as good as my digital camera!


Janet said...

Wow, those are great pictures and hard to believe they were taken by a cellphone. Looks like everyone had a great time!!! Isn't the weather wonderful right now!

Jennifer said...

I know it! I couldn't believe how clear they were. The weather was PERFECT while we were up there! I love the fall:)