Friday, September 26, 2008

This is why I haven't posted lately...

*this post has a LOT of pictures...just a fair warning!*

So I've been busy. That's the short answer of why I haven't posted for a while. Let me show you some pictures, just in case you don't believe me...

This is what I did all day on Wednesday--

Count 'em folks...that's FIVE kids ages 3 and under (and Jacob was outnumbered 4 to 1!). Now, I wouldn't mind having 5 of my own kids (Aaron, get up off the floor). And I don't think it would be as exhausting as this day was for me. Here's why: These kids are close enough in age that it's not the same as twins (except for maybe Anna and the other 3 yr. old). The youngest baby is 6 months, the next is 8 months, and then Jacob at 12 months. So one was sitting up but not crawling, one was crawling but not walking...oh wait, Jacob isn't walking EITHER! Plus, when they're not your kids, they're missing their own mama! See the following pictures for proof (and in case the mothers are worried, I promise I didn't let them sit there and cry just so I could take their pictures!!).

She was happy most of the time, but of course, she decided that since the other babies were crying, she might as well join in!

This one was NOT happy at all! And she's got a set of lungs, lemme tell ya!

And naturally, the day I've got 2 other babies to take care of, Jacob decides to be clingy and fussy too!

Meanwhile, the 3 yr. olds were in heaven b/c I wasn't paying much attention to what they were doing (such as emptying the toy box of practically all its contents!)

What's that? Anna's playing with a baseball bat in the hallway? I didn't notice...

These 2 just wanted to be rocked, so I obliged. Is there anything better than having TWO babies to snuggle with?! Give them their pacifiers and one them her blankie and they were content to rock!

Sweet silence of sleeping babes!

Even the big girls took a nap. And they didn't even giggle and talk forever. They were out within 10 minutes!

I wasn't stupid enough to go in Jacob's room and take a picture! That dadgum door is so stinkin' noisy.

Did I mention that we just got back from a long weekend in Iowa on Tuesday night? And that the ENTIRE time we were there, neither of my kids slept through the night?! Good thinkin' on volunteering to babysit 3 extra kids the day after you get home! No, I'd agreed to do that long before we went to Iowa. Besides, how was I to know that Anna's allergies would come back with a vengeance and Jacob would just up and decide he should wake up screaming hundreds (okay, just a few) times every, single night?!

On to Iowa's pictures :) We went up early on Friday (earlier than normal anyway)--Cassie came with us (Aaron rode up later with Jamie) and we stayed an extra couple days after the Daddies went home on Sunday. It was fun, but it was crazy with 3 little ones! The trips up and back weren't too terribly bad. Except I forgot to put Anna's potty chair in the van, so we had to make more than one quick potty stop! It is so much easier to have that chair in the van! It's not easy holding her legs up and staying dry!!!!! Needless to say, I picked up another cheap potty chair for the ride home. Naturally, she only used it ONCE--5 minutes from home! Figures. Anyway, we had a lot of fun up there and Papa & Binga had fun playing with half of their grandkids :)

Aunt Cassie made a venture to the very back to read some books to Anna. She usually travels very well, but sometimes she gets bored of just watching Veggie Tales (unlike Jacob, who becomes a zombie when that movie is on!). So Cassie got back and read books. I think she read one book at least 5 times!
Mercy, he likes Iowa sweet corn! He ate practically that whole ear!

Papa, this is what the formula is! Don't you know anything?!

I'm Soopuh Guhl!! I can't remember what she called the paper around her neck?? Poor girl can't say her "r"s just like I couldn't at her age. It's pretty cute though :)

And then today...well, just look at that boy's face!! He was a little devil today! Ornery as all get-out. Evidently today was "Scream Your Head Off Day". I think I've lost a little hearing...

I'm not telling what time this picture was taken since Anna's still in her pj's...I was instructed to come to the other side of the table and take her picture. One time she accidentally marked on the fridge (it came right off) and she said "Uh oh Mama...I wasn't watching what I was doing!" Hmmm...think she's heard that phrase a few times?!?

Again--he was just pure mischief today!

Have I mentioned that Anna is a SNUGGLER??? No? Well, she is. Has been from the day she was born. I love it! Except when she's sleeping in my bed--then it gets a little crowded! She's in our room on the matress again. The allergies...again. She just wakes up coughing and gagging on all the gunk. Plus we could let Jacob cry it out the first night. He's slept thru since (pretend I didn't say that b/c now he'll wake up numerous times tonight!). I don't know how on earth either one of these two are sleeping, but they're out cold!

So there you have it (and the proof). I've been busy! And now I think I'll go to bed somewhat early. Tomorrow is Saturday! Yippeee!!!!


Andrea said... have been busy...and that's a lot of babies! :) They are cute though!

Janet said...

Wow, that wore me out just reading about it. Think I'm going to need a nap after that!! Ha!

Great pictures....always enjoy your posts.