Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Big Reveal

This week Mom and I worked on taking the border down and painting the kitchen. It took so much longer than we expected. But...whew! It is done!! I still have to do more coats on the window seat window--but my kitchen is back together. Which is good since my kitchen is also my dining room, laundry room, scrapbooking corner, sewing room and office!

The before--blue and the border. The problem was not the border Mom & I put up 6 years ago (man, was it really that long ago?!). It was the border that somebody else put up 60 years ago and then painted over at least twice!!!!! It tore the primer off the sheetrock in several places and was just a pain in the neck (figurative and literal!) to get off. Well worth it for the end product though!

The before (and messy!!) laundry area.

The first wall we got done. We ended up doing sections. Mom mostly worked on taking the border down (THANK YOU!!!!!) and I followed behind her and primed/painted. This wasn't completely dry when I took the pic, so that's why you can see some spots at the top.

The office section :) Also houses my mini tea cup collection. This is a pretty true representation of the color--natural light and no flash. I love the color--it's called Delta Sandbar--with the white trim (which you can't see in this picture. ha)

The laundry room. We will eventually replace the cabinet doors (which will be white) or paint the existing cabinets white. I'm glad I painted the shelf white (it's always been the wall color before).

Not a very good picture of the wall color, but my awesome cousin Susan printed off this picture for me and framed it! I LOVE IT!!!!! And a trimmer Aaron used to work with made that cross for us (a preview for Aaron's folks for what theirs looks like--sort of)

I'm so glad it's done and it makes me want to paint the cabinets...NOW! ha It is no fun having a non-working kitchen with kids...or a project mess with kids! It would've taken me twice as long if Mom hadn't been here to help, though.


Janet said...

Beautiful! Really like the color too.

Always thought that picture needed to be framed. Glad Susan did that for you!! Such a great picture.

Jenn said...

That looks great!! Beautiful job! :) I like your new bloggie look. Hadn't seen it until now.