Friday, February 20, 2009

Piano Man

Mom bought this piano for like $5 when Anna was a baby. Jacob LOVES it. Anna hated it, by the way! It scared her. She played with it a little when she was Jacob's age, but not nearly as much as he does. In fact, he plays it so much that he knows when the little song is about end! He heads back to the piano right before the song ends. Aaron was just saying tonight how much he's changed in the even the last couple weeks. I think it's b/c he's mostly walking all the time and he's starting to make more noise (though still not much!)--and facial expressions, as you can see in the video :)

(there's also a video of him playing with the magnets on the washer and Anna & Jacob playing peek-a-boo)

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My Montage 2/19/09

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