Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sleep...sweet sleep

The last two days we spent back west with family. My grandma is in the hospital, so we went to see her. And guess, what? I FORGOT MY CAMERA. Again. Good grief. Jacob did not sleep well. The first night (we got there late), he woke up at 5 am and refused to go back to sleep. He wasn't particularly fussy, but still...I do NOT do 5am. The next day, he spent some time with Uncle Terry. I'm not sure who had more fun! :) Jacob got to ride up front in the pickup and see cows and tractors and go to a John Deere store! He slept a bit in the pickup, but never took a nap that afternoon. He was falling asleep at supper and went to bed fairly early last night. He woke up screaming at 11 (just after I'd gotten Anna back to bed for the 3rd time!). I rocked, I walked, I let him play (which he didn't want to do...he'd just stand next to me and whine), I laid down with him, I tried juice, I tried food, I tried everything I could think of for over 2 hours! He would fall asleep for 2 minutes and then jerk awake. I finally just put him in his bed and left. I thought maybe he would quickly cry himself to sleep. Not so. Aunt Cara came to check on things. Binga graciously (even though she was so tired herself) offered to try and get him to sleep. So I went to sleep for a few hours (I hadn't been to bed yet b/c I was working on the computer). She said she finally got him to sleep in her bed with her. Then at 5am or so he was awake crying. I took over and the same thing--he would fall asleep for a tiny bit and then wake up mad. He fell asleep at lunch and slept for about 40 min. in the car on the way to the hospital. By the time we got back home, it was too late to try and get him to take a nap. I don't know if it's his teeth (that he's been working on for over a month), his tummy (still that nasty smell!!), a cold, his ears, his throat.........??? So tonight, I passed out in the recliner while Daddy put him to bed. Jacob wouldn't even rock...just screamed. So he just cried it out and finally fell asleep. At least tonight we can let him scream (I know that sounds mean). I really don't know what his deal is...but I do know that whatever is going on is going to cause him to get in the habit of waking up. We shall see how the night goes!
Anyway, all that to say here's a video of him falling asleep at supper tonight (it's a little long). You might hear Anna say something quite funny... :)
Also, you'll notice that the boy does not stop eating, even though his eyes are hardly ever open. I told you he likes his food!


Alisha said...

This was hilarious, I don't think I''ve ever seen anyone eat while sleeping or sleep while eating. It's definitely ok to let him cry it out. You are doing a great job, hang in there.

Jaime said...

Oh my goodness. That is so funny. Abigail really only has trouble sleeping these days when she's teething. I hope you get it figured out soon!