Saturday, February 7, 2009

Crisis Averted

Recently, Anna has attached to this very soft, pink teddy bear that my dad got her over a year ago. We had been to Florida for a family vacation and Mom, the kids, and I stayed longer. So Dad picked us up at the airport. Well, Anna got SICK on the plane. Actually, she was sick (throwing up) the entire night before we left. We couldn't change our plane tickets without paying mega bucks. So we decided to go. She seemed fine that morning. I made the mistake of letting her chug orange juice when we took off and she lost it. Eww. It was everywhere. Anyway, Dad bought this teddy bear for her and had it when we got off the plane. She's always liked it, but hasn't been particularly attached. She never has really had a special animal that she always has to have. Every once in a while, she'll kind of have a favorite to play with, but never one she HAS to sleep with. Until now. Tonight, we couldn't find it. Anywhere. I was bracing myself for a major melt down. I asked if she could just sleep with OinkMoo. No. What about this teddy bear? It's soft. No. I was starting to sweat! But then she says "Maybe I can just sleep with something else that's soft and pink tonight." WHEW!!! So she found a soft, pink cat and went to sleep. I promised to find Pinkie tomorrow. I am SO glad we averted a crisis!! :)

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