Saturday, February 21, 2009

Loving the weather

We've had some really nice weather recently and the kids have LOVED being able to play outside!

Jacob got this cool trike for Christmas from my brother & his family. It's awesome because you can attach a handle and push it around! Every once in a while, Jacob gets a little crazy with the steering (which is a riot to watch!), but all you have to do is tip it up a bit and it's easy to steer yourself. He love-love-loves it!

Their faces are just hilarious here! Anna is racing:) She is really too big for her trike (that my other brother and family got her for the FIRST birthday!) but her little legs go 90 mph racing around on that thing! A friend had her birthday party tonight and she got a new "big girl" bike, so Anna might be persuaded to try one out come summertime. Maybe.

Anna brought supplies :) She was cooking and feeding her baby.

Jacob found a wheel...a really BIG wheel! :)

A couple grunts...I think he was telling me how awesome that great big wheel was.

A future helper for Papa?? He would lean over and peek under the van. It was really cute.

Anna loved the step ladder. She would climb up and pretend. Painting, talking, looking for mysteries (she had to have the lights off too!) name it! She's still carrying that big, heavy flashlight around. I think the batteries are about dead!

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