Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's Jacob

Hi everyone. It's Jacob. I wanted to write today and Mama said I could!

Daddy hasn't learned yet--I'm really fast and I really like to unroll the toilet paper. It's so much fun to watch it spin and pile up on the floor!! I'm glad Daddy means I get to have a little fun :) Mama never lets me stay in the bathroom by myself. She's no fun!

I got so excited when Mama fixed the big computer! She said something about Papa always being right and she couldn't believe she missed the disk (what's a disk??). I also really like to get up on the table and sit. Makes me feel like I'm king of the mountain!!!

I had a little bit of wild hair after my nap. I was in a little bit of a wild mood, too! haha

Most of all, I LOVE playing with my sister (most of the time!). She's so funny and I know she loves me because she gives me hugs and kisses all the time (sometimes too much). Today, when I fell off the chair (that really hurt!), she came over just as fast as Mama and gave me kisses on my owie. She's a pretty good big sister. Here's a video of us. We were both being really silly. It was so much fun! Mama says I have to go to bed now. :( Don't tell her, but I'm pretty tired. Might put up a fight, though...just to keep Mama on her toes! hehehe
Thanks for letting me talk this time. I had fun. Maybe I'll be back :)

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My Montage 2/12/09

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Beth Wheatcroft said...

What a patient little brother! There would have been some major screaming from Ella if her big sister teased her like that. I love the laughs - such a happy home you have!