Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pictures Anyone?

Well, since I forgot my camera on our trip to Aunt Cara's, here are a few pictures from Valentine's day. We had a lot of fun seeing everyone out west and Anna and Jacob loved playing with the tractors and trains! Grrr...I cannot believe I forgot my camera!!!

Seriously, the boy knows how to relax!

Anna and her wonderfully soft heart pillow! :)

Me and my sweatheart! We went to an awesome Mexican restaurant for supper. Thanks, Binga for babysitting!! (Aaron was just starting to get a nasty head cold...he doesn't always look so dazed!). This was also the 3rd picture take...Binga was having a bit of trouble working the camera! hehe


Janet said...

I know you are working on the kitchen and am hoping to see pictures when completed. Knowing how talented the mother/daughter is, I'm sure it will look fantastic.

Staci said...

That's a good pic of you and Aaron!