Friday, February 6, 2009

Beautiful Day

Today was gorgeous!!! This morning, Jake came over to play! They had so much fun. For lunch, they made their own mini pizzas. (they were Lunchables). FYI--they taste weird! Jake downed them in about 3 minutes! He'll eat just about anything!! :) Anna & Jacob did not like them. I tried a bite...they taste funny. Anyway, they had fun!
The chefs with their masterpieces!

They had fun playing in the sandbox. The only way I got them inside was a snack!! :)

This afternoon, Anna & Jacob had fun outside, again. It was warmer. I think it got up in the 70s today! Anna was explaining to me why she couldn't go play. Something about having a stomach ache.

Jacob is walking a lot more every day (yipee!!). He'll even walk in the yard!

Yeah, he ate dirt. GROSS! And he seemed to like it for some reason.

He was playing peek-a-boo under the grill cover! He is so ornery.

He was playing "catch me if you can" after his bath last night. He found a sticker on the floor and wore it around the house in his birthday suit! haha

Yeah this was at 12:30AM! The other night, he would NOT go back to sleep. He woke up around 11:30 and it was 2am before he was back in bed. Ugh! He was happy, but I wanted to go to bed!!!

And to end with a video that will hopefully make you smile... :)

Jacob LOVES being thrown in the air!


Staci said...

Gotta love weather in the 70's!! I also love the "birthday suit" picture. So precious!

Tim and Eliana said...

that is a beautiful video
- Eliana