Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sweet Relief

Whew! Jacob slept so good last night. He gave it up around 8:30 I think and I didn't get him out of bed until 8:30am! He fussed a tiny bit early this morning, but didn't last long. I slept so was heavenly! :) Here's to hoping today goes better than yesterday.

This was after her 20 min. complete and total meltdown...over not winning the trike "race"!!! She threw a complete fit on the front sidewalk. Good grief. Oh, she also had another 20 min. meltdown when we got home yesterday. Gracious.

She had fun "planting flowers" on the front porch.

And this say he was grumpy yesterday is the world's biggest understatement!

Don't let his face fool you. He wasn't happy.

Except at the park. We took a trike ride to the park and Jacob loved climbing around on the playground. But he was about to get run over by some big kids playing tag on the equipment, so I decided we needed to go. He loves his trike, so I didn't figure it would be a problem. WRONG! He threw a major fit when I put him on his trike!!! Of course, some kid had ridden off on Anna's trike, so I had to track that down...while Jacob sat on his trike and screamed. Wonderful. Of course, since it was gorgeous yesterday, the park was full. Hello.
So today can't be any worse, but I'm not sure my sanity will be intact if it's a repeat of yesterday...

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