Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Anna's PARTY

We had Anna's party of the 4th, just because I knew my oldest brother and his family would be here from Florida. Anna was SO EXCITED her cousins were coming to her birthday party!!! I have to say, this will be the last time we have her party a WEEK after her actual birthday (either that, or we won't celebrate on her actual birthday at all!). A week of birthday celebrating was a bit much for a 4 year old! It was hard for her to understand time (the calendar helped). But she had a blast.
Again, blogger is being *whisper* stupid *whisper* and won't let me move the pics around. But here are a whole bunch from her party on Saturday. We had fun. Thank you to all the family that made the trip and came! We loved seeing everyone!

I guess Jacob thought the yard needed to be mowed! :)

We got the kids a swing set as a joint gift this year. Jacob loves the slide! Thanks, men, for staying up late putting it together!

A split second after I took this, Anna flipped over backward! Somehow she managed to hang on, but it was pretty funny!

ALL the kids loved it!

This was Anna's face when she saw her present! But then she got excited and ran to try it out.

He gets a little wild in his sleep!

The swingset:) Hopefully they won't expect such big presents every year!! Our neighbor's gave us one a few years ago, but it got demolished in the ice storm last year :(

Those same wonderful neighbors let us borrow their camper for the weekend. My whole family stayed for a few days with us, so we needed the extra space! Anna, Kaedyn, Mia, and our friends' little girl Elise all slept in there with Aaron & I. It was great fun:)

The first night (without Elise), I put Kaedyn and Anna in the bigger bed and Mia in the smaller one. I had meant to put the baby monitor out there so we could hear them if they weren't sleeping or needed something, but I forgot. So a couple hours later when I went to bed, I found Anna in Mia's bed! Mia said Anna was up fussing and saying she was hungry so she let her get in bed with her!

And Kaedyn had this great big bed all to herself!!

Mia, Elise, Anna, Bryce, and Kaedyn playing in the pool!

Mia started a water fight with Great Uncle Terry and Anna joined in! I think Uncle Terry lost!!

I was waiting for Jeremy & Jamie to push Aaron in the pool, but they took FOREVER! And I had just asked Aaron to pray before we ate, so he was looking around just didn't work! Good thing, too because he had his cell phone in his pocket!

All the little kids eating on the deck (except Jacob).

Mia & Jacob...evidently they decided to do their silly faces!

This is the best one I got of the girls!

It was a little bright and Anna was squinting, so I said "Anna, open your eyes!". So she did. HA

Sweet Adison! Our friends' other little girl. She is such a sweetie pie and has the bluest eyes!
Up next....4th of July pics :)

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