Sunday, July 19, 2009

Camp Out

Somebody promised the girls a camp out this week, so a tent was procured and the set-up ensued. And boy, what a set-up!

Mia said "I need scissors!" So off Kaedyn went for some. Until Aunt Jenni said "Oh no you don't! I'll get them for you."

My poor boy. He was sick yesterday. Really sick. But thankfully it was just some kind of 24 hr. stomach bug b/c after a gigantic blow out sometime between bed and morning, he is back to his old self today! Whew!!

Mia got tired of waiting for a pair of scissors, so she got it open herself!

Papa finally asked "Why is that I have all these kids down here and none of you (adults)?!" Anna said "Because, Papa...we want to HELP!" There are very few pictures of this now that are not blurry. Those girls were SO EXCITED they didn't stand still!

Bryce even got in on the set-up action!

Anna was ecstatic. She talked 90 mph!

Oh the excitement!!

I can hardly stand it!!

Mia & Kaedyn "helping" out :)

Dancing with joy :)

Oh the joy!

Bryce and Anna helping Binga

Question of the Day: How many adults does it take to set up a 6-person tent?
Answer: More than one!! haha

Mia and Anna
The girls and I took a nap in the tent this afternoon and I think tonight we're going to sleep out there (we'll see how that goes!!). Should be an adventure!

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