Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What an exciting week!

We had an exciting week last week! And it's not ending any time soon!!! We spent the week at Papa & Binga's with all the cousins. And this week is just FULL of excitement! We brought Kaedyn back with us for the week, Grandpa Wallman is coming to visit for a couple days, and THEN we're going to Iowa again for VBS!!! Anna is beyond excited about that. They both kept asking when we were going back to Iowa for Bible school, so I finally put things up on the calendar! The excitement is almost unbearable! Even Kaedyn is excited about Grandpa coming (I think she's met him once?? Big first impression Grandpa! ;)). So here are a few pictures from last week and so far this week. I don't have many of these week because, well...I've been busy with 3 kids! Kaedyn and Anna have actually been getting along great so far (I know...ONE day!). But I'm proud of them for how well they played together today. All sorts of cooking and party hosting and princessing!

We picked up a baby swing to put on the swingset for Jacob. Uhhh....he LOVES it! The higher the better:)

We had a looooong trip home. We didn't leave until after 4 pm. The kids did great considering we got home at midnight! We had to make a detour in Salina to pick up Aaron's car, so it took longer than usual. And they only slept in til 8:30! But they all 3 took really good naps today:)

Jacob was King of the Crib in Iowa! Good grief.

While the girls were away, this is what the men let happen to the babies!!! Just kidding. They played in the water and well, Papa didn't know there's such a thing as "swim diapers"! haha This was also a night time diaper that he put on him, so it really held the water!!!

Look at that thing!!! I think the diaper probably weighed over 10lbs!

The poor kid could hardly sit or walk in the thing and nobody noticed it until I said "HOLY COW!!!" when I saw Jacob. HA

The girls had a water fight with Daddy/Uncle Wally. I'm not sure who won!

Uncle Jamie is still crazy!!! As Jeremy & Alisha were leaving, he decided to tag along for a bit on the scooter (one of the scooters we got as kids...in like 1990!)

All the moms said "Kids, DO NOT TRY THAT. EVER!" haha
Except Mom...she just said "Jamie Lee!!!" :)

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