Friday, July 31, 2009

Here ya go Honey...

Aaron casually mentioned that I hadn't posted for a while and asked why not. I'm still amazed that our tiny, little house can become such a wreck in such a short amount of time. I guess up in Iowa, even though there were more kids, there were more adults too, so cleaning up happened a bit easier! :) So since Aaron are some pictures.
Oh alright. You caught me. I'm just procrastinating the inevitable late night cleaning session!!!! *sigh*

This is just for you Jeremy! It's all Papa's fault. He's the one that dressed Bryce!

Neither Papa nor Bryce seemed to notice (or care) that the poor child's pants were hiked up to kingdom come!

I got a few pics from the water park this time. Jacob had lots more fun this time, too. He wouldn't go very far into the water, but he LOVED the fountains! Here he was standing there waiting for the water to shoot up. Right on the back!

I was so proud of Kaedyn! She went and bought some lemonade all by herself (well, Anna walked over there with her). Mom, Cara, and I had 5 kids there, so we were outnumbered. Even though the concession stand was only about 30 yards away, I had to stay close to the pool to keep an eye on Jacob (Cara had Bryce and Anna, Mom was with Mia on the slides). Kaedyn really didn't want to walk over there by herself (which surprised me since she's so outgoing and doesn't seem to shy away from anything!) She would walk about 5 chairs down, then turn around and shake her head. Anna wandered over and said she'd go with her. I could see them the whole time from where I was sitting watching Jacob. I told Kaedyn what to say and here she came with her very own lemonade! :)

Oh Bryce! This just makes me laugh. Wanna know what else makes me laugh? This is a good one...
I was sitting in the kiddie pool/fountain area keeping an eye on Jacob and Bryce. Bryce is around water a lot so he's not timid like Jacob. I was watching Jacob do something and then scanned around for Bryce. I saw him on the cement by the fountains. He was bent over looking at something. I watched him for a minute, wondering what on earth could be so captivating. Then I looked to the ground between his legs. I saw something round...and dark. Oh no he didn't!!
Mind you, this boy hadn't had an accident in days! I had forgotten to bring swim diapers and just happened to have one in the van. But since Bryce had been doing SO GOOD, we didn't think it'd be a big deal. Obviously Jacob couldn't be without one!
I hurry over and sure enough, he'd pooped on the sidewalk!!!!!!!! I couldn't leave b/c I had Jacob, too so I yelled at Mom. She brought a towel and picked it up. The wonderful people at the park were so great...she said "You'd be surprised how often that happens!" They cleaned up the sidewalk (luckily it wasn't messy!!) and we paid $2.50 for ONE swim diaper!!!!! The lesson?
Entrance to water park: $40
Bottle of lemonade: $2
ONE swim diaper: $2.50
Seeing my nephew poop on the sidewalk: PRICELESS!

Getting ready to go to the VBS program and watch "da guhls" :) Everyone there thought they were brothers. So handsome!

Here's the video of Bryce getting on the toilet. Have you EVER seen a kid do it like this?! I can't believe he hasn't fallen in more (I think he's only done it once)! Sorry for the little flash at the end...

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Teri said...

I have been bad about posting or checkin blogs! Looks like you've had some serious fun this summer! How fast it goes!