Monday, July 20, 2009

Buddies, Lemonade Stands & Camping Out!

Okay Jeremy, here are some more pictures of the boys! Bryce only had one or two accidents today and yesterday, Jacob followed him to the bathroom every time and even pottied three times!!! Unfortunately, Bryce's talking has not rubbed off on Jacob! Just now, Bryce was imitating Jacob's pointing and grunting routine. haha

Watching Little Bear before the girls got home from VBS.

Intent on the show!

The girls and I slept in the tent last night. It was a bit chilly and Anna didn't sleep very good (I think the humid air made her allergy cough worse). I ended up bringing her inside at 6:30am, Kaedyn followed soon after, but Mia wanted to stay out there even though she was by herself! I think the fact that it was light outside helped ;)

Mia wanted to have a lemonade stand today, so the girls had one. Well, a Kool Aid stand technically! Every time a car drove by, they yelled "Get your Kool Aid!! Only 25 cents!!!!!" It started out slow, but they got quite a few people to stop. I think the fact they were 3 adorable little girls didn't hurt anything! :)

Watching for cars so they can yell their slogan!
Their first customer!! It was the neighbor 2 doors down.

We kept Jacob and Bryce out of the street and away from the Kool Aid (mostly!) with some sidewalk chalk.

What a cutie!!!

Mom said the other day they were outside and Bryce just went and laid down on the sidewalk. Mia had to tell them that he wanted them to trace around him! Jacob quickly followed Bryce's lead. I can see these two getting in a LOT of trouble in a few years!

He always has known how to relax! :)

Playing in the tub


Lambert Loggings said...

What sweet pictures! That's so neat that they are developing those 'cousin friendships!' They will remember summer weeks like this for life.

Staci said...

I love the pic of the three girls sitting in the chairs facing the street! Precious!