Friday, July 10, 2009

Lots of Fun, Everywhere!

Some pics from here and there. We've been staying busy and having lots of fun with all the cousins!

Mia convinced Papa to "play the game where one person gets chased". That one person is always Papa!!!

Kaedyn...she never sits still long! This is the only non-blurry picture I've gotten of her all week!

Ice Pops on the deck.

Jacob loves the new combine.

Mom! It's so much fun!!

Bryce playing Wii bowling. Every time, he said "I did it!" :)

Anna did AWESOME! This was the first time she played. I helped her the first bowl, then she insisted on doing it herself. She even did it left-handed and scored 103!!!

She's serious about this game!

We went to this place called Incredible Pizza.
It was a ton of fun. There was even an area for little ones that had tons of fun toys to play with. But once Jacob realized there were cars in the arcade...he wasn't interested in anything else!

Hudson, going shopping!

She won over 300 tickets on the games!! She did really good on this one. It's like wack the mole, Except you hit it to get balls into the dog's mouth. She had fun!

The tongue-biting IS genetic!!

This car was a hit with Jacob, Anna, and Kaedyn!

Another great garage sale find by Papa & Binga! All the kids love this horse. It makes noise, moves its head and tail and can rock. Fun, fun, fun!
We also went to a great waterpark today, but I didn't take any pictures. There were things for all ages! I think the favorite for all the girls (even Mia) was the 'Lazy River'. Even Jacob liked that one.

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