Wednesday, July 8, 2009

July 4th

Sterling has a great 4th of July celebration all weekend long. This year's parade was the biggest I've seen in the 7 years we've lived here. The sirens got a little loud, but it was fun! It was pretty hot too :( Not as bad as it could have been, though.

Waving at the paradees (is that a word??)

The tradition of bagpipers. Sterling has Scottish heritage.

The color guard. Those guys had to be so incredibly hot!

She tried to stay in the shade (we had a couple umbrellas), but once the parade started, she was intent on watching and getting candy!

Mia, Kaedyn and Anna waiting for the parade to start.

Elise (and Jeremy) watching the parade.

Still waiting, in a different position!
(Elise, Kaedyn, Anna, Mia)

First thing Saturday morning, Aaron & our friend Kreg ran the 5K. They did great!!

Anna running to meet Papa and Mia!

We sat REALLY close at the lake for the fireworks. It was pretty loud, even for me! Anna really liked them, just not the noise. So she sat like this the whole time!

Jacob HATED them! (he's crawling up Binga's neck behind Anna)

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