Thursday, July 23, 2009

I've noticed...

...the more kids there are, the more pictures I take!! :) It's been a really fun week up here with all the kids. Bryce is now pretty well potty trained during the day (still diapers during sleep times). I don't think he's had an accident in a couple days. And he'll even go to the bathroom all by himself! I have to post the video of him getting on the big potty. I've never seen a kid do it like he does!! Anyway, with budget strings tightening in our house, I thought I'd start on Jacob. He's gone a couple times and he seemed really interested in it seeing Bryce do it (and see all the praise he got for doing it!). So one evening after he pottied a couple times in the potty chair, I decided to put him in "big boy pants" and see how it went...

Uhhh, maybe he doesn't quite get the concept yet! haha

There we go! Big boys!!
Well, he would potty and then have an accident almost right away. I know, that's how it goes the first few days. But I decided I didn't have the energy or the attention to give it right now with all these kids around and being so busy. So maybe I'll start when we get home. I'm just so tired of spending money on diapers!!!

Crazy kids playing in the tent. CRAZY!

Puh-leeeze Anna! Bryce weighs like 10 lbs...buck up!!! ;)

I love this picture. Bryce is such a sweet boy. Aunt Jenni loves this little guy!

This just makes me laugh!

I mentioned Jacob had some tummy troubles. Well, they're still not over. He feels fine but his diapers...well, they're not pretty. And for several nights in a row, he would dirty them either right before he fell asleep or after he was asleep. I would go in and check on the kids (Anna, Kaedyn and Jacob share a room) and it would just reek in there. I'd check and sure enough, YUCK! Here's the crazy thing...he didn't wake up!!! I'm talking massive proportions, 6 wipe jobs and he snoozed right through the changing.

Blue-eyed cowboy :)

Jacob doesn't have the coordination to pedal yet, but he sure enjoys pushing the combine around!

I love this picture of Anna. It's just so Anna!
Tomorrow we're headed to the water park now that VBS is over and well, let's be honest...we're hoping to wear them out good for the long trip home Saturday! Papa & Binga are driving the Floridians home and Aunt Cara and I will head home, too. It's been such a fun week! We miss Daddy though!!!!

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Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Sounds like you all had a really wonderful time together! All of the pictures are great, especially the ones of Anna. She is just beautiful!