Saturday, July 18, 2009

I'm Tired

We've had a fun week with Kaedyn! We made the trek back to Iowa yesterday so the girls can go to VBS up here. They are EXCITED! And I am TIRED! :)

Aunt Cara has been sewing! :) She made all the girls dresses. One set of them were matching. Aren't they cute?? We'll have to get one this week of Mia, too.

One night I found Anna in Kaedyn's "bed". I asked Kaedyn in the morning if Anna kept her awake. She pinched her fingers together and said "A little bit" ha!

At supper, Jacob refused to eat the chicken I cut up on his plate. I figured he was just being picky. After 30 min. of sitting there not eating (but not whining either), he got down. And while no one was looking, he snatched a whole piece of chicken off the table!! I guess he thought it was more appetizing than the little pieces on his plate! Crazy child.

Anna and Kaedyn running down the alley, coming home from the park.


The other night/morning, Jacob had some tummy issues (read: nasty gas). He wasn't cranky unless I put him in his bed. So we spent from 2:30 am to 6am trying to get him to sleep. It didn't dawn on us that it was his tummy until 4. So it was not a good night.

This is how he felt. He was happy, being silly, and taking turns bouncing on Mommy & Daddy while we tried to sleep.

This is how I felt. Bleary-eyed and tired!!!

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