Monday, December 22, 2008


So Anna has asked for one thing, and one thing only this year, and she's been asking for it for months (literally). A jewelry box. (a funny side note is that a month ago when my parents were here, they asked what she wanted for Christmas. She told them jewelry box, but they thought she said Jell-O box! Which didn't really surprise them b/c on Christmas when I was about her age, I asked for a box of Christmas cards-which I got (and they weren't new ones!) and loved!) Turns out the one she saw was gone by the time I started actually Christmas shopping! I panicked. So my sister-in-law and I started looking online. We found one (not like the one she'd seen in the store, but I didn't think she'd notice). We got her a few other things (I love the dollar bins at Target!!). She also still really likes Dora and since I got my laptop, she likes playing games on it (esp. in the car!). Well, the trial games have all expired, so I found a 2 pack of Dora games on Amazon for $6!

She is her father's daughter. Once we mentioned the possibility of opening presents, she wanted to do it NOW! :) We told her we could do it "tonight after supper or tomorrow when Daddy gets home from work." Her response? "We already ate supper!!" When I told her it was lunch we'd had, not supper, she said "Let's open them after lunch!!" HA! So we did :)
She, of course, recognized Dora right away, but she didn't figure out that they were computer games!
Still not sure exactly what it is, but she knows it's something Dora! :)
Now for the one she's been anticipating for months!!!
"Is it a jewey box Mama?!?!!!"

"It is!!!!!!!!!!"

She loves it. She carried it with her everywhere yesterday and took it to bed with her!

I remember having a similar jewelry box. The little tune is so pretty. I think mine had an actual pink toole tutu. She really loves it. So does Jacob! That's what he was looking at in the last post. I think he likes it b/c it spins (like a wheel!) and he tries to figure out how it moves. Anna has been pretty good about letting him look at it and touch it. After a while, she said "Isn't it supposed to be all pink?" I couldn't believe it! She remembered the jewelry box she'd asked for in Walmart THREE MONTHS ago!! Good grief. But when I told her that those ones were all gone when I went to get hers, she was just fine with that. Whew!

Her stocking stuffers...have I mentioned that I love Target's dollar bins?! $5 for a wand, headband, 4 necklaces and 4 bracelets, a tutu, and ballerina slippers!

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