Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I found it!

The camera, not my mind! ha Mom, you were right--it was under the couch!! I'd looked under the front of the couch, but not the ends.

So the other day we put up the tree. Anna was very excited. She handed me all the branches (yes, we have a fake tree) and then brought me all the lights. Finally she got to put the decorations on! She actually did a really good job. I told her to spread them out and put them on different branches. I skipped all the glass bulb ornaments this year and put the pretty, breakable ones up top. After we finished (and that had to be in the dark b/c she wanted to see the lights!), Anna went up to the tree, 'hugged' it and said "Tree, I love you.......lights, I love you too" It was so precious. And then...

She pulled her rocking chair out, sat down in front of the tree and just rocked. The lights are quite mesmerizing! We had to wait a day to get a new star for the top...our old one wasn't working and I wasn't about to try and figure out which bulb inside it was burnt out!
Surprisingly, Jacob has done really good with the tree! I put a couple bells on the bottom branches and he'll just play with those. He gets a little rough, but he really doesn't touch anything else (I hope I'm not jinxing myself!!!!!). I am honestly completely shocked. I was invisioning great destruction!
On to Thanksgiving, round 2, in Kansas :)
For Mom's side, we went to Aunt Cara & Uncle Terry's new house for a soup supper! It was really fun and Cara just loved being the hostess (I think she sat for 15 min. the entire evening!!) :)

Daddy gave Hudson (my nephew) a cool 'do :) He's such a cute baby and almost always smiles at you (even in the middle of a cry sometimes!).

My cousins, Raylinn and Heather, gladly entertained Anna for the night. It really doesn't seem that long ago that I was doing the same with them as itty bitty girls!

Aunt Cara loves irises and wanted an iris picture to hang in her front room. Mom searched high & low to find one with no luck. I kept telling her to just paint one for Cara. She finally did and MAN! She did an awesome job!!! I am just so in awe of her ability to paint such beautiful pictures. It's incredible. This is how good she is--nobody knew she'd painted it until we told them to look at the signature! Cara was so surprised and so happy. Of course, we were all so focused on keeping her distracted enough (wasn't hard, we just asked her about her new house;)), that we forgot to get our cameras out and ready for the initial reaction!! There were a few tears!

For Dad's side, we had a big, huge meal with a whole bunch of people (anybody know the final count?) at Uncle Alan & Aunt Donna's house. It was fun, except my kids were sick, tired, and CRANKY! My aunt Carolyn brought her little puppies and let's just say they were a HIT with my kids!
Jacob was so funny! He was delighted and let us know with his priceless face and squeal of delight! :)
Anna was in love from the second she saw them.

She was SO EXCITED to ride up to "the hill" to get the big truck with Papa!!

Even though it was FREEZING (and the first snow!!!), she was ready to go and believe you me, if anyone even whispered the words "the hill" she heard and was going with you!
So there you have it. Our 2nd round of Thanksgiving. Anna's neck is finally back to normal I think, but nobody is sleeping very good yet :( I'm praying tonight is a better night. I don't know what time Aaron came out and woke me up last night--I was asleep sitting on the floor leaning against the couch (with my mouth hanging open, I do believe!). Evidently at some point Anna left and got in our bed! Good grief, we are so sleep deprived it's not EVEN funny!


Janet said...

Your mother is so talented. What a keepsake Cara has!!

I had to giggle at the sight of you sleeping against the couch. It does tell how tired you are!! Glad to hear the sleeping is getting better.

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Oh, I have so been in that sleep deprives state! I hope that tonight is SO much better for you all.

Yay!!! for finding the camera! I love that Anna hugged the tree. That was so incredibly sweet. I admit, I feel that way sometimes when I first see our Christmas tree. :) When I was little I use to lay under the tree and fall asleep - it was such a special place to be.


Jennifer said...

Yes, Janet, no more falling asleep against the couch (so far!). But we're getting sick again, so we'll see! :)
Andrea, that is so precious that you would sleep under the tree! They really are just so mesmerizing. I'm glad I found my camera, too (although I was secretly wishing it would never be found so I would have a valid reason to get a new, awesome camera!) ;)