Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Rocky Mountain High

We're spending the next few days in Colorado with Aaron's family. We hit some bad weather about 1/2 way out, but it didn't last long and we still made good time. His parents live up in the mountains and I have to say, God gave me a beautiful view this morning when Jacob woke up too early :) It's very peaceful and serene (except the howling wind that decided to start last night!). They have a gorgeous sunroom, windows all the way around with perfect views of the mountains. Jacob is enthralled in watching Dora (and doing his best to get close enough to touch the screen--I think he's been moved away at least a dozen times!) & Anna is making muffins with Grandma. I'm too tired to go back to the van and get my camera--sorry!! For some reason, Jacob woke up in the middle of night. After a bit of crying and drinking some juice, he puked--several times! He isn't sick. It was weird. Maybe he just had to adjust to the altitude? He's perky and normal this morning. So we had a long night!
Here are some pictures from the other day at home.

The kids were playing in the pantry. Pretty much Anna would shut the door and they would stand there and lick the glass! ha They thought it was fun, anyway. And Jacob would peek through the clear edge there (you can see his little eye peeking). It was really cute.

Some friends stopped in town on their way "home" for Christmas. We hadn't seen them in several years. They just had their first baby in November. Anna was in heaven! She probably sat and held Gracie for 30 minutes. At one point, she asked for her doll and laid it next to Gracie. She actually put her arm around it. It was really precious.

Anna sacked out on the way to town last week. I took her, Jake, and Aly to the movie "The Tale of Despereaux". It was pretty good. There were a lot more scary parts than I thought there would be, but Anna and Jake did pretty good. Kim had told them on the way to town that if they saw a scary part, just close their eyes and remember that God is bigger than anything and it was just pretend. Anna's never been to a theatre, so she sat in awe for a good 10 min. Didn't move an inch! It was hilarious. We had a good time.

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