Monday, December 22, 2008


I mentioned that we opened our presents yesterday...the kids had priceless expressions and it was so fun to watch them. So this post is just Jacob :) The next one will be Anna's.
Now, Jacob really doesn't need anything. He's got more than enough toys, and the only other thing he really enjoys is eating. So we didn't get a whole lot for him. Turns out, he would've been fine being left out all together! :)

Anna & Daddy are trying to get him interested in unwrapping his first present. He'd rather drink his OJ! But then...
He discovered it had wheels and made manly noises!!! Then we couldn't get him to even look at any other presents, let alone open them!

Daddy finally hid the steam roller...that worked for a few seconds.

"Hey! Wait just a minute! Where's my steam roller?!"
"It's over there, isn't it Dada?!"

"Oooohhhh, I'm so excited!!!! I see it!"

And then, Anna opened one of hers and Jacob was willing to abandon his manly steam roller'll have to read the next post :) hehe

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