Monday, December 29, 2008


Mom had her first appointment at Mayo this morning. She basically had a lot of blood work done and a CT scan, and saw the oncologist. Tomorrow afternoon, she will see the ENT doctor. He'll do a scope down her throat and possibly another biopsy. Then she'll see the oncologist again. Dad said the bad thing is a lot of the doctors are gone (b/c of Christmas time) and the good thing is there aren't a lot of patients there (b/c of Christmas time). Be praying that they will be able to figure things out. Also pray that Mom's head cold doesn't turn into pneumonia again. We're all so glad that she came down for Christmas, but she was exposed to a lot of germs! And a lot of our immediate family is sick with a stomach bug, so pray that she doesn't get that either (or the rest of us who have avoided it so far--esp. the kids).
We're home for now :) Jacob slept all night last night, for the first time since we've been gone! The little man just wanted to be in his own bed, I guess. He usually sleeps fine at my parents' house, so hopefully he will again.
Back to work...thanks for praying.

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