Sunday, December 21, 2008

New Button

You might notice the new button I added to the sidebar. It's from this amazing woman's blog. I just spent 3 days reading her story from the beginning. If you decide to do the same, have a box of Puffs ready. The blog is dedicated to telling the story of her baby, who only lived a few hours (and they knew at 20 weeks that she wouldn't survive). She's an incredibly gifted writer and an inspiration to turn closer to Christ. Her husband sings in the Christian group Selah. Anyway, she dedicated herself to praying some specific Scriptures over her children every day, 7 times a day. She chose them to correspond with certain activities throughout the day (while they're taking a bath, when they leave the house, when they're eating, etc etc). A friend mailed me these prayers and I have them taped up around the house. It's a challenge, but I want to strive every day to show my children Christ. Won't you join me?! :)
PS-I have some really cute pictures to share (we opened our presents today since we're leaving Tuesday and my husband is really bad at waiting to open gifts;)), but I'm really tired and I haven't downloaded them yet. You'll just have to wait :D
PPS- Mom is home! And she had a surprise when she got there...Jeremy & the kids flew in early :) She didn't have a clue! She is quite possibly the easiest person to surprise.

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Janet said...

I'll be reading her blog too!