Friday, December 12, 2008

When Daddy's in charge...

So Aaron came home early from work and had a meeting at his other job at 4:30. He'd already stopped by there on his way home and brought 1 1/2 cookies (a mere sampling of what they had, evidently). Anna ate part of the 1/2. She heard Daddy say he had to go and asked to go along. So she did. And while Daddy was talking, Anna got high...on sugar. Holy cow. Aaron said somebody gave her 2 cookies and a juice box. He figured she'd only eat one and give the other to him. Nope, by the time he looked again, she had 1/2 the second one finished. When they got home, she was BOUNCING. OFF. THE. WALLS. Good grief. She was yelling, jumping on the couch, jumping on Aaron, just being completely goofy and loud. Now, Anna is usually a fairly mild kid. She gets excited about some things, but this was wild. So about 7 we finally decide to just go to Sonic for supper and I needed to get a couple things at the store. By the time I got back in the car, she was a wreck. Tired, whining, crying over nothing...she was crashing. Holy cow. But then she got in the bathtub and got wound up again. The pictures below were take at about 9:45 (and she went to bed really late last night (b/c she fell asleep really late in the afternoon) and was up too early). So she should be passed out with exhaustion. I think she's still awake (Aaron's putting her to bed tonight).
Just to clarify, I allow my kids to have goodies, so it's not like she's never had 2 cookies before. In fact, yesterday she played at Jake's house and they made candy cane sugar cookies...I think she ate 5 between coming home at 4 and going to bed! So those cookies she had today must have had a TON of sugar in them!!!
Bouncing around on the couch...

Daddy trying to get her to sit still and settle down for sleeping!

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