Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's cold.

I guess when Aaron asks why I haven't posted recently, it's time for a new post! It's bitterly cold here this week. The 1-3" of snow we were supposed to get was more like 6". So we've pretty much stayed home. It's a big pain to bundle the kids up and go somewhere. We did run to Lyons yesterday though. It wasn't quite as cold. The kids have pretty much stayed in their jammies all day, every day this week! They just look so warm and cozy, I hate to change them.
A huge change from last year is that Anna actually likes the snow! She wants to go play in it. So the other day after Jacob was down for his nap, we went outside. I had the intention of shoveling the front walk while she played. After we got all bundled up and outside, I remembered we don't have a snow shovel. There was NO WAY I was using the stupid spade shovel we have to clear the walk!!! I spotted a broom and thought I'd give that a try. It actually worked--the snow was very light and dry, so it was easy to sweep the sidewalk. ha. But on our trip to Lyons, I made sure to buy a snow shovel! It was a little quicker shoveling the back sidewalk with a snow shovel instead of a broom! So while I swept, Anna played and played. We tried to make a snowman, but the snow was too dry to even make snowballs. She even made a couple of snow angels! Of course, I forgot the camera, so I have no pictures of that.

This is Jacob's favorite spot in the house. He shoves everything off except the lamp and sometimes the phone base and climbs on. He either plays with the dangly things on the lamp or pushes buttons on the phone (and gets in trouble for it, but he doesn't care) or just sits there. He's a strange child sometimes! Anna likes to join him sometimes. Hey, we're stuck in this tiny house day in and day out, I let them do what they want! ;-)

When Jacob woke up from his nap today, he didn't want to get out of the crib! So I brought the computer in there and worked while he dove around and played. He probably stayed in there for 15 min. (with a dirty diaper, no less!)

I rearranged things a little. Since Anna has claimed the couch as her bed, I took the toddler bed down just before Thanksgiving, that way I could put the twin mattress that had no home in its place. Well, it was just in the way, so I moved it out, took the toy box from the living room to the kids' room and moved a rocking chair that never got used from our bedroom to the living room. It's much nicer. And maybe this way the toys will stay a little more contained to their bedroom instead of all over the living room. I put the kitchen set against the wall where Anna's bed was and put the toy box against the window where the kitchen set used to be (that's mostly for the family that knows how the room looks...). It's better. There's more room to play and the living room feels more like a living room instead of a play room!

Jake & baby Anna came over to play the other day (I don't even remember what day it bad is that?!). They are very close and it is so sweet to see. I smelled a dirty diaper, so I asked baby Anna if she was poopy. She started crying (for some reason, she does NOT like having someone other than Mom or Dad change her diaper) and ran straight for Jake, who held her in his lap without hesitation! It was so precious. She sat like this for a long time, sucking her fingers. And Jake didn't mind one bit. He would just alternate between hugging her and playing around her!
Time to finish baths. Aaron is working late tonight doing inventory :( Anyone else watching Million $ Password? I like that game.

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