Wednesday, December 10, 2008

He's still big!

Jacob had his 15 month check up today (a little late b/c they both needed to have their ears checked after their infections). He's still officially big! :)
He weighs 29 1/2 lbs., which is the 96th percentile
He's 32 3/4" long, which is the 88th percentile
And his noggin is 19 1/2" which is the 97th percentile!
He's been consistent since birth--highest in head and weight. He's such a stinker. The doctor said developmentally, he's about a month ahead of the game. So Aaron was reassured that there's nothing wrong with him (since he still rarely walks and says about 4 words!) Other than our names, he says Dora (ha!) and up. But he's only said up to Binga--he won't say it to anybody else! He's super stubborn. I KNOW he could say more and walk a LOT more, but he just doesn't want to--and yes, Dad, I don't make him. ;) haha

Still loves wheels. He rarely pushes a toy around. Almost always, he flips it over and spins the wheels.

Anna took this picture. He's always missing a sock these days. He kicks his shoes off, and loses at least one of his socks many times a day! I need to find something that he can't get off!!! I'm also really lucky, b/c I have a guarenteed 15 min. (usually 30 min.) of shower/get ready/whatever time if I turn on Dora. The kid will sit in the exact same spot and watch the whole show. But only Dora. Let me just say that I'm so glad we have DVR! It allows me a shower every morning!!! :)

Anna only weighs 3lbs. more than Jacob! The nurse told her she better start growing faster or Jacob will catch her. I don't think Anna can grow fast enough! I'm sure by his 2nd birthday he'll be bigger than her.
She is such a hoot. Strangely enough, she's always asking to go swimming (nevermind the snow that was on the ground most of the day today!). I think now that it's really cold, she understands that she can't go swimming. Maybe she decided to pretend to go to the beach this evening?? She's weird, that's for sure! I love watching her imagination at work :)

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Staci said...

Anna sounds like so much fun!!

I can't believe how big J is! Brody FINALLY got of the 26 pounds hump (he was stuck there forever). Yesterday he weighed 28 lbs!!!

I hadn't heard of decongestants doing that to kids either. Honestly, I think the CVS pharmacist didn't want to take the time for a consultation and was just trying to hurry it along by saying "ask the dr". I was so glad that Brody told me it was his ear. He's the type of kid that doesn't ever act sick (even when he was throwing up and had fever...still just playin' like normal), so I took notice when he said his ear hurt. I bet it's been hurting for a few days but it's just now to the point where it made him stop and take notice! lol I go with a long comment ;)