Monday, December 8, 2008

Surprise Trip to Iowa :)

So we took a surprise trip to Iowa this weekend. Dad always puts up all sorts of lights up outside and Mom does the same on the inside. Life got busy and they hadn't had the time or the energy to get it done. Well, when Dad said "They're just not going to get put up this year" I said NO WAY ;) So we decided to go surprise them and help with getting decorations up! They didn't have a CLUE we were coming! It was great. I even called Mom a couple times on the way up, pretending that we were going to town to go Christmas shopping, asking questions about what she'd gotten people or what she thought I should get someone. Anyway, we got there about 8:30 I think Friday night. I sent Anna up to ring the doorbell while I hid behind the porch railing. When he opened the door, she said "suhpiiiize!!!" :) I forgot that the door opens the wrong way to get a good picture, but I could see Dad walk up to the door and he didn't have a clue who was there. He said he thought it was Girl Scouts selling cookies! haha

I think it took several seconds for Dad to realize it was Anna!

We left right after lunch, so Aaron had to make a delivery on the way. The door barely fit and the way we had to angle it, Anna couldn't see the TV screen (heaven forbid!!). So Jacob watched Dora on the TV (I actually don't think he ever even noticed the door!) and Anna watched The Tangerine Bear on my laptop! HA It was only an hour from home to where we dropped the door off. They are spoiled!

There was a leak that Anna & I discovered in the bathroom, so she helped Papa fix it! When I found the water, I told her to go tell Papa that there was water all over the floor. She RUNS out the door, frantically hollering "Papa! Papa! Dhere's watah all ober the bafroom!!!!!!" It was cute. I walked by the first time w/out my camera and Anna even had a little plumber's crack goin' on! ha

A complete switch from last year, Anna LOVES playing in the snow now! She begged and begged to go play in the snow. So we bundled her up and she went out and played around while Dad & Aaron got all the lights down and ready to go. Did I mention that it didn't get above 20 degrees all weekend? And that doesn't factor in the wind chill! Poor guys nearly froze to death! But they got all the lights on the garage and roof up (about 1/3 of what usually goes up!).

When she got too cold (or too bored from not having anyone play with her!), she came in and helped decorate the tree. She did a great job. She had the most fun getting ornaments, climbing up the step ladder, and handing them to me:)

My camera is not very good with night scenes :( Mom & Dad got a bunch of LED lights this year to add. They are so pretty and brilliantly bright! The gold ones on the tree are the new ones. The purple ones are regular lights.

In case you couldn't tell, Mom's color theme for the living room is purple and gold :)
And then Saturday evening after a DELICIOUS supper of Famous Dave's, Aaron & I went Christmas shopping while Papa & Binga babysat! We got it ALL done!!!!!

For unforeseen reasons, we ended up leaving quite late. Anticipating a horrendous trip the last 3 hrs., I let them open a Christmas present early...
A new Veggie Tales movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

I have to say, they did amazing on the trip home. We didn't get home until 11pm, Anna never slept, Jacob only slept for 30 min, and we only stopped once! It's a 7 hr. drive with stopping once for 30 min. And of course when we got home, they caught a 2nd wind and were up for another hour! At least they were happy, and they went to bed very easily and slept pretty late. Whew!

Any time there's a dishwasher open, this boy high-tails it over and climbs aboard! He is just completely fascinated with the wheels and seeing how the racks go in and out. Isn't he just so cute?? :D


Anonymous said...

You will never know how much I appreciate all the help you all were this weekend! Aaron you went above and beyond! Glad you like Colorado so you could withstand the cold! Most of it would not of gotten done.

Dad got the big tree up outside tonight and already had people stop to say how much they like it. If it isn't icy tomorrow maybe he will get the rest plugged in.

You guys are great and I love you so much for all your help. It was just the little boost I needed! That's what all my grandkids (and kids :) ) do for me! Keep giving me those little boosts!!!

Thanks, again! Love you all!

Staci said...

I love surprise trips!!! It's worth the whole drive just to see your parents' faces when you ring that doorbell!!! I also love the pic of Jacob in the dishwasher. Too cute!