Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dog Days

I've seen a lot of post titles like that...it's so hot everywhere apparently! We stay inside as much as we can. I guess I should just get the kids' pool set back up, but Jacob doesn't really like it. And it's just so hot outside. So we really haven't been doing much of anything. We celebrated my brother's 30th birthday last weekend (and my sister-in-law's bday too...yeah, they have the same birthday). Other than that, we haven't done anything!!

My brother's boxer, Zeus, was wary of Jacob. I really thought Jacob would be at least a little bit intimidated...that's a big dog! But he crawled right after him. Zeus finally just went outside! Jacob quickly discovered the doggie door (though he didn't figure out he could crawl through it like Anna always did).

Poor Zeus! Jacob wouldn't leave him alone!! :)

It was just one of those days yesterday. I think we finally got out of our pj's by 4pm:) HA! And even then, Anna didn't want to b/c it she was a ballerina in her nightgown. But then she decided she could be a princess in some other clothes. Jacob would be happy in nothing (actually have a couple pictures of that, but I'm still trying to figure out how to censor a little. ha).
Well, that's all I have. Not much really. We're just staying cool inside (or as Anna says "get warmed up").

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