Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kids say the darndest things!

So Anna was talking to my parents on the webcam tonight. We've been having problems with her staying in bed all night (if it's not one it's the other!). So they were talking about that (staying in bed all night).

Papa: "Well, maybe we should get some chicken wire and put it over your bed so you can't get out."

Anna: "Noooo."

Papa: "Oh, well maybe we could get some glue and put some of that on your jammies...then you would be glued to the bed and couldn't get out."

Anna: "No! Den I wudn't hab any jammies on and I'd be a naked lil' gurl!!!"

Papa: trying to control the laughter "Well, maybe we could tie your long hair to your bed. Then you wouldn't be able to get out."

Anna: "No Papa! Den I wudn't hab any hair or jammies!"

Anna: "Papa, stop tinkin' (thinking) ub (up) stup (stuff)! I'll stay in bed!!!"

There were several other things that she had us crackin' up about, but that was the funniest. She's still up (at midnight, yes)...we fell asleep this afternoon and slept for like 3 1/2 hrs.! So she's just now getting tired again. Yikes. We'll see how tonight goes...anybody have any guesses on if she stays in bed all night??? (I'm going to go with NO!)

Lesson learned the other day...

Don't let Anna get her own strawberries...she'll eat them ALL!!!

I think I already know that lesson about this one...

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Jaime said...

That's so cute! I hope she stays in bed all night, and keeps her jammies on, and keeps all her hair! :)