Thursday, July 17, 2008

Holy Toledo!

That's exactly what I said (rather loudly I'm afraid!) when I saw this cucumber in the garden!!! Those things are really hard to see! The leaves are so huge and the plant has gotten so big and spread out, that I have to get in there and dig around to look for cucumbers (and zucchini, too)--and those plants are prickly and itchy! We'll be having it tonight in a salad, along with a tomato we got today and some sauteed zucchini :) Anna already ate the strawberry I picked this morning (I don't think we'll ever get enough strawberries--that kid (Jacob too) eats them like there's no tomorrow). Oh yes, and one of the tomato plants is so big and heavy that it BENT the metal stake and fell over! Aaron had to use a long rope and 3 wooden stakes to keep it upright!! Anybody want some tomatoes???That's Aaron holding the cucumber--it's as long as my forearm and almost as big around!

The proud mini-gardener :)

And well, I can't not post of picture of Jacob ;) His sister decked him out in the nice necklace. It was actually a pretty handy teether. haha His hair is getting long in the back. He'll have to have a haircut before long! :( My baby is growing too fast! Did I mention that the outfit he's wearing in this picture is 2T? Good gracious. That boy better start walking LONG before his sister did!


Janet said... tomatoes are just beginning to bloom. My peppers aren't even doing that! Sounds like your garden is doing "abundantly" well.

Anonymous said...

how do you post on this thing?

Jennifer said...

Anonymous (aka Dad),
You just posted. If you'd like to put your name at the end of your comment you can. Or you can create a google/blogger account and leave all information except a name (doesn't even have to be your actual name) blank. That way you stay anonymous to everyone except me :)
Your daughter
I'm really not doing anything except watering! I think I just have the garden (at least half anyway) in a really good spot. The south end is growing better than the north end. Don't know why.

Lambert Loggings said...

Wow! I'm impressed with your gardening abilities! We didn't get anything planted this year and I'm sure missing my fresh salsa. If you have extra tomatoes, by the way, that's a great way to use them up. YUM!

You've got some great pics of your kids! They too are getting so big. Soooo cute!!

Jennifer said...

I promise I have done nothing but water! :) If you want some tomatoes, you're welcome to them! There's about 30 green tomatoes on each plant (that I can see), so before long we'll have them coming out our ears! I won't know what to do with so many.