Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bubbles & Birthdays

We went to Colorado to celebrate Grandma J's 89th birthday (wow!! She's amazing!). It was so much fun to see everyone and celebrate such an amazing grandma's birthday! :)

Jacob & Aunt Joyce had a lot of fun blowing bubbles. She told him if he lived closer, she could very easily spoil him rotten! :) For some reason, she got the impression that he's a charmer!

Isn't it matter what the little one is doing, the big one "helps"?! I'm pretty sure I was doing the same thing behind the camera!!

My, he gets so excited when he sees bubbles!!!

It's just so much fun...who doesn't get excited for bubbles?!

Anna and her cousins had fun chasing the great big bubbles.

Almost caught it!

I think this is my new favorite picture! I love it.

Grandma J and her baby brother:) (It was a Hawaiian themed party. Grandma doesn't normally wear brightly colored, home-made leis... ;))

She still knows how to tell him what's what ;)

Anna and Grandpa sang "Happy Birthday" for the birthday girl! You can't see it, but Anna has a little toy guitar. She actually just played, but it was precious.

She kept Grandpa company while he grilled on the patio. She sang lots of songs....all totally made up and 100% Anna :)

Jacob's sleep was pretty messed up. He woke up on Kansas time, but went to bed on Colorado time. So he was pretty tired most of the time. He still had fun seeing the ducks and playing on the playground. I love this picture too:)

Uhh...can you say relaxed?!?

Any guesses on what he was using the kid-sized hula hoop as???

More pictures to come of the great fishing adventure! :)

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