Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fun Outside

Yesterday was gorgeous. A perfect day for playing outside!
Anna The Queen practicing her roping skills. She said "I'm gonna capture you!!!"

One of her favorite things to do with Papa...MOW! She likes to wear her headphones because the mower is very loud.

Jacob, however...not so impressed with the mower! Even though it had wheels, I think the noise was just a bit much. So we sat on the porch and watched. Every time they came by, he frowned at them. It was as if he was saying "Listen here! That's too loud and you need to stop it!"

Papa's painting helpers! Papa & Binga tore out their old (small) porch and built a very large one. Binga made ingenious painting smocks from old pillowcases.

Jacob thought he was hot stuff. Especially since he learned a new word! I'm posting a video next, so you'll have to watch it to find out his new word:)

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Staci said...

LOL! Love Jacob's painting clothes!