Monday, May 4, 2009

Insert Your Own Title!

I'm not feeling creative, thus the title! haha I haven't even taken hardly any pictures recently! But here are a couple videos. You might want to make sure your speakers are turned down...Jacob gets a little bit loud! :)
I don't know if it's his 3 teeth still trying to come in or what, but the last several days he's been in a mood. Today, he cried for a straight hour after he woke up (way too soon) from his nap. He didn't want me to hold him, he didn't want a drink, he didn't want anything to eat, he didn't want any toys. I finally put Dora on and he settled down. For a bit anyway! Oh, and their nap took them AN HOUR to settle down and sleep! If it was up to Anna, they'd never get caught messing around b/c she's really quiet. Jacob, though...he just squeals and yells "nnnn...Anna!" and gets them caught! haha So I go in there to tell them to be quiet and I find the lamp on & Anna IN the crib along with half their toys! And Jacob was stinky. So I took Anna and the toys out, changed the diaper, and got them back in their own beds. But Jacob keeps squealing. This time Anna was up..."I had to put my purse away" ???? They finally go to sleep, but Jacob wakes up less than an hour later.
The other thing that Jacob LOVES is this Veggie Tales sing-along CD we have. And he's figured out if he hits opens and closes the drive (it's in the desktop), he can start the music all by himself! And if it comes to a slow song, he'll stop it. Stinker! He stands in that same spot and "dances". It's really funny (when he's not screaming for more).Anyway, it's been fun around here. But hey! At least we still have hot water!! :)

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