Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Fun Out West Continues

We've been so busy! So here are some more pictures from our visit to my grandparents/aunts/uncles:)

Fun at Aunt Cara & Uncle Terry's with the farm toys! Anna has as much fun as Jacob with all the tractors.

Since we've been on the go so much, Jacob was in desperate need of a haircut. When his hair gets long, his callick (cowlick...how is that spelled??) gets WILD! So Aunt Cara, aka family beautician, gave him a trim. We distracted him with Baby Signs on the computer! :)

He did great...even around his ears (which he hates). Thanks Aunt Cara!!

Guess what I found Mama?!?!


Oh! Oh! A birdie!

Who can resist that adorable face?!

He just recently started doing this...sucking on his cheeks. Mom said Bryce does this too? It's too cute!

Enjoying lunch at Great Grandma Betty's!

The tradition continues:) Chocolate chip ice cream with Grandpa Frank!! I'm sure there are pictures somewhere of me in his lap eating ice cream!
Okay, up next are some pictures of calf feeding!

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