Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What's a Cow Say?

"Mmmmmmmmmm"...according to Jacob, anyway! :)
While we were visiting my family, we got to go with Grandpa Frank to feed a calf. Anna sat on the kitchen counter and watched with rapt attention as Grandpa mixed up a bottle for the calf. And then we hopped in his pickup and rode out to the feedlot. Jacob was excited enough to be riding in the pickup...when he saw all the cows, he about lost it! He spent the entire time pointing and saying "mmmm! mmmm! mmmm!" It was funny.

Anna watched quietly, taking it all in. Jacob was just so excited.

So fascinated.

Jacob is not the least bit scared of animals, as long as he's on the ground--remember? He wasn't at all intimidated to stand right at the gate next to this mama cow (whose baby we were messin' with!), but the second that tiny, weak little calf (who was so weak he couldn't even move by himself) made this pathetic, small bawl...Jacob got scared, started fussing and wanted to be held! So bizarre.

Anna got to help hold the bottle. The poor calf was so weak, he couldn't even suck. So they had to stick a tube down his throat and feed him through it.

Anna took her job as bottle holder very seriously!

Then Grandpa moved the calf over so the kids could pet him. They loved it (and I think the poor little calf did too!).
Thanks for letting us help Grandpa! Took me back a few years :)

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