Friday, May 22, 2009

Fun At The Farm

We've been busy! After getting home from Binga & Papa's house, we headed out west to visit my family. We had a special reception to go to for a good friend, so we spent a few days out there visiting. It was fun! First up is the farm:)

I love seeing my kids play with in the same house I remember playing in (and some of the same toys!). I'm glad my camera has a good zoom and I caught this PRECIOUS picture of Jacob and Great Grandma Mary!!

Grandma Mary has always gotten down on the floor and played! I loved going to play at her house!! And Anna does, too:) She's got great toys in that hall closet!

Grandpa Elmer and Jacob sat at the table for a LONG time and played with the play-dough (that Grandma made! How fun is that?!).

This is the same table I sat at and played with play-dough (different chairs, but same table!). So much fun was had at that table (and still is!)

Anna's "rock stack wall"...whatever that means! :) FYI...she isn't growing a mustache--she had some grape juice!

Jacob playing with Mama's snowman. Mr. Snowman survived longer than I thought he would! haha Jacob has finally stopped trying to eat play-dough! Whew!! Now he just picks little pieces off and piles them up.

All that great play wore him out! He took a really long nap! We all had so much fun! Thanks for playing with us Grandpa & Grandma!!

The rest of the pictures from our trip will have to wait. We're heading to Colorado! :)

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