Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Buddha Belly Boy

We call Jacob Buddha Belly...you can see why! :) He's so precious and ornery and he certainly makes life interesting!!
Yes, he still loves Dora. I'm still waiting for him to just start speaking in Spanish sentences! :)

I think he is going to have a life-long fascination with wheels. A good friend gave us this old truck. It's very heavy. He smashed his fingers once. That's all it took to learn the lesson! :) He loves to just lay on the floor on watch how the wheels work.

Complete fascination!

I posted this earlier. Why is she crying? Because I told her it was too cold to be outside fishing (it was like 50 degrees and windy)! I told her when she was getting dressed that it was too cold for a dress, but she insisted. Then she wanted to go fishing. After much pleading, I gave in and told her just for a little bit. She was FREEZING, but she didn't want to come in. I was trying to tell her she just had to put her jacket on and then she could stay out for 10 min. but she was so upset she wasn't listening. So she got to come inside, sit in timeout for throwing a fit, and didn't get to go fishing! It's tough being 3.

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