Friday, May 29, 2009

The Great Kangaroo Hunt!

There's a park across from Grandma J's house (well, it's just a pretty flower garden-type area with a sidewalk through). In this park, there's a kangaroo crossing sign (I meant to take a picture of the sign). Grandpa and Anna would go kangaroo hunting. So Grandpa decided to go find a kangaroo and "plant" it on the park bench (and it took some real hunting! haha and the only one he could find was a purple one). So we all went with her on the next hunt...
She insisted on riding "Reddy" on the hunt this time. She spots the kangaroo!!!

She was excited, but then she said "This isn't a real kangaroo!" HA!!

Jacob says Eh...what's the big deal?! :)

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