Monday, May 11, 2009

Catch Up

I've got a bunch of pictures that I haven't edited yet and a bunch I haven't posted. I guess I'm catching up from a couple weeks ago when I didn't take any pictures! :)
Here are some pictures from a park trip. Anna loves the horse swing and climbing up the dome. Jacob loves the swing and the swing!

She figured out how to "push" herself and also how to stop! :)

At both of the parks that have "baby" swings, they have this bar across that is just in a really bad spot. I mean, Jacob is a big boy--much bigger than most 2 yr. olds--and these bars are way too high for him even. In this picture, he's lifting himself up a bit to see over the bar. It's weird. He still loves to swing, though!

Climbing, climbing, climbing!

At the top with Daddy!
This past weekend, we celebrated Hudson's 1st birthday!! The kids had a lot of fun playing and really enjoyed Hudson's toys:)

Jacob LOVED this toy. It blows the balls up through the top and Jacob quickly discovered that he could stuff a bunch of balls in at once and then they'd come flying out the top!

He played with this for hours (literally)!

The Birthday Boy! He wasn't so sure about the whole "dig into the cake" thing. He did end up with cake ALL over him, but it took a while :)

Anna and my cousin had fun coloring. I was 16 when Heather was born and I well remember having lots of fun with her (and her older brother and sister!) and babysitting:) It was so nice to not be worrying about where Jacob had run off to, because Heather and Raylinn were taking care of both of them! :):):)
Then the kids and I came home with Mom & Dad. Anna got sick right before we left (sorry Jamie & Cassie!!!!) and stayed sick almost the whole way home. About halfway she finally quit throwing up and slept the rest of the way. Poor girl. She is all back to normal today! I sure hope Jacob doesn't get it. I've got a bunch of other pictures from today to edit and really cute (to the mother!) video to post. Better sleep though :)

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