Friday, May 15, 2009

Playin' in the Rain

Before we get to the rain pictures, I had to post this one. He is just like his father!!! :) Seriously, the TV is like 50-some inches and he sits a foot away and has to practically break his neck to look at it! I tell Aaron that there's no reason for us to ever get a big fancy TV because he'd still stand a foot away (with Jacob by his side) and watch it! :)
Okay, now for the rain! Papa had to quickly pull some debris out of the gutter on the porch while it was raining. Of course, anything Papa does, Anna wants to do too! And if somebody is outside, Jacob wants to be outside too! So they all three played in the rain. Jacob wasn't so sure about it. He pretty much just stood in the corner, under the eaves and stayed dry!

He loved to smash his face against the door and talk to me.

Papa was about to get him!

Anna didn't care if she got wet this time! She was running around and splashing, having all kinds of fun.

See...Jacob preferred to stay right there in the corner!

A mad dash to the mailbox!!!!

"Hurry Papa!! The mail's gettin' wet!!!"

I'm such a dingbat! I just spent 45 minutes downloading (seriously?? why on earth does it take that long???) the SAME rain video I ALREADY POSTED. Good grief. I swear I'm losing my mind more every day (be quiet in the peanut gallery!!). I'm going to bed!

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Michelle said...

You know...I have ALWAYS let my children play in the rain. I don't know what it is, but it thrills their little souls to the very core! And what does it hurt, ya know? Too cute! Love the b&w one, btw!