Thursday, January 15, 2009

Anna's FIRST Haircut!!!

Anna has NEVER had her hair cut. Ever. In her life. (A lot of people think she has, just because her hair is actually layered a bit. That's because the front half of her head was bald for a good 9 months! She had a "little old man" hairdo goin' on when she was a baby:)) She was adamant that she did NOT want one. Then the other day, completely out of the blue, she said she wanted a hair cut. The ends of her hair were getting pretty bad--split and tangly. So I called and made an appointment for both her and me.

The "before" so long!
I asked her how much she wanted cut...this was her answer! haha

Her hair is so long, Christy had her stand up so she could trim it. Anna was so good. She wanted me to get my hair cut first. She just sat there and talked to anybody that would listen (she's definitely coming out of her shell!!) and watched what was going on with me.

She cut a couple of inches off the very back, just what was "damaged".

She was soooo good to stand still and look down. What a big girl she is! :)

I really thought I'd gotten an "after" picture, but I guess not. And since she's sleeping, this is as good as you'll get! You really can't tell a difference except her hair is now straight across the back instead of angled down. It's still really long and she still looks like a little girl :) She told me today that she wants another haircut! haha No go on that, girlie!


Cynthia said...

She is such a cutie!! Her first haircut went a lot better than Kambrie's first. Kaiden got ahold of the siccors and chopped her the scalp in a couple of places :( I cried and cried and cried some more. We drove all the way to Coldwater so that my aunt could fix it for me. IT WAS BAD!!! I am convinced that most boys are more onery than most girls. My boys developed their imaginations way before the girls. But, it is so fun, sometimes, seeing what they come up with from those amazing imaginations.

Mason and Terri's Mom said...

she is such an adorable little girl! I know what you mean about the "layered" look. Terri had no hair on the top either for ever and now its long and "layered" too. I love it!

and Anna in her rocking chair feeding her baby. soo sweet!

(I'm blog hopping sorry, random I know!)

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

How sweet. She is a beautiful little girl with the perfect little girl haircut.

I bet she felt so special being at the hairdressers!


Jennifer said...

Cynthia--is that when she got it cut really short? I had no idea it was b/c Kaiden cut it!! I would have cried my eyes out, too! But she did look super cute.
M&T's mom-thanks for stopping by!! :)
Andrea-she LOVED it! She's asked several times to get another haircut!