Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More pictures :)

Because I love my new camera :) and I love my kids :):)

My blue-eyed girl.
A funny story about that stuffed animal. It was a Christmas present from her "aunt" Joyce. She and her family run a dairy farm out in Colorado and she picked this out thinking it was a cow. Anna opens it and takes one look at it and says it's a pig. It does have a short tail, but that could be a cow's tail too. Pigs don't have spots. Back and forth went the discussion among us! Anyway, Anna agreed that maybe it could be a cow, but maybe it's a pig. So she calls it "OinkMoo" HA! It's precious.

Blue-eyed tongue biter :)

The most recent movie we've gotten was Cars. Both of the kids love it (although I'm not thrilled with a couple parts). Now Anna zooms around on Jacob's tractor and says "I'm Lightening McQueen!!!! Lightening McQueen wins the race!!!" It's hilarious.

Have I mentioned that Jacob figured out that he can climb up on the chairs AND the table?? And he quickly figured out how to pull the chairs out. After lunch, he decided he was still hungry, so he climbed up on the table and had some more.

He also really likes playing with Anna's tea set (one of her THREE!). One of these days I'm going to catch a video of him "drinking" tea. It's comical, to say the least. He mostly just "stirs" and bangs a spoon around and he also really likes putting the lid on and off the teapot (and then getting it stuck inside the teapot!).

So Anna had her own tea party with another tea set. This set is off limits to Jacob, though!

This is what happens to the house when Mommy is sick and Daddy is tired (that's him on the couch). They sure are quick to make a MESS!!! But, we did a little teamwork and got all the toys picked up and put away (well, I'm not sure how well they're put away in the bedroom, but at least the living room is clean now!). Now I'm off to bed. This sick business is not fun.

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