Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Anna

This girl is something else. She is such a mix of so many people! She's all girl and loves her dolls and is such a little mother hen (that'd be me). She's a people-pleaser, always wants to be cuddled, and those blue eyes! (that'd be her Daddy) She can get so wild and crazy and just plain silly (that'd be her Uncle Jamie)!!

Exhibit A for wild & crazy mini-Jamie! She was so proud of herself for getting her shirt off...well, sort of! She got it over her head, and then she didn't know what to do!! haha. I have about 4 other pictures of her, but she was running around so much I only caught about 1/2 of her :)

Uncle Jamie & Aunt Cassie got her this really cute baking in a box thing. It's got a book about a girl and her perfect birthday cupcake, a whole bunch of kid-type recipes (though not super easy ones!), and some really sweet pink measuring spoons. She begged from the time she opened it to bake something! So last week, she picked out the cupcake recipe to make. We went to the store and got some things. Came back and made the cupcakes. The recipe said "Makes 6 giant cupcakes"...evidently that is equivalent to THREE DOZEN regular cupcakes!!!!!!! Oh my goodness. We frosted cupcakes forEVER! It was all from scratch, too. Frosting and all. They were pretty good considering a 3yr. old "made" them! :) We had to invite Kim and her kids over to help us eat some (and then she forgot to take a couple plates of them home!! Sorry, Kim!) So I had to take her picture with her prized cupcakes. She had a hard time smiling normally (this, she inherits from her father! He has such a hard time giving a normal, relaxed smile in pictures sometimes!!)

Anna, just smile pretty!

Anna! Open your eyes!!
Well, that's as good as it got that day! So here she is with her bizarre smile, proudly showing off her PINK cupcakes she made :)

Aaron wasn't sick. I guess that was the "hair washing bowl" for Anna's baby. Aaron had no recollection of her falling asleep (probably b/c he fell asleep long before she did!), but this is how I found them. Melted my heart:)

Even holding hands. She is such a sweet, sweet girl. I love her!!!

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