Sunday, January 25, 2009

A lazy Sunday :)

My sleeping angel :) She is so precious to me!

He bites his tongue on a regular basis these days. It's too cute!! I asked him if he was biting his tongue and he shook his head and said "huh-uh" ha!

He still gets SO excited when Veggie Tales comes on!!! He squeals, kicks his feet and about hyperventilates! It's very funny.

She thinks it's pretty funny, too. Especially when Larry falls over at the end of the opening song :)

SO CUTE!!! We went with
Kim's family to a nursing home this morning to do the service with them (I got recruited to play the piano). It was a blessing and the residents enjoyed seeing the kids :) I tried to get them to look at the camera, but if Anna was looking at me, Jake was looking at her and (as the picture shows!) vice versa! Do they not both look incredibly ornery?! Kim's husband did a great job with the message (on Psalm 1:1-3) and Aaron did a wonderful job keeping Jacob occupied in the lobby!! He gets so curious, that when he's in a new place it's impossible to keep him contained!! He wants to check it ALL out.

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Tim and Eliana said...

great pictures! Your kids are so cute.