Friday, January 9, 2009


I just realized that I never updated again about Mom's Mayo appointment. They didn't really find anything. Actually, the ENT doc said he didn't think it was swollen. He thought it could have been from the meds she'd been taking for pneumonia. The oncologist wants to see her again in 6 weeks (more like 5 now). She caught another head cold while we were up there and it turned into pneumonia again. Hopefully they caught it soon enough that she can stay out of the hospital. Please keep praying--for wisdom and patience and healing in the Lord's time. I love you Mama! :)

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Tim and Eliana said...

That is a wonderful prayer you asked for... patience and healing in the Lord´s time. I often want things in MY time, and lack patience.
Thanks for the comment in the blog with the advice about what not to eat. Don´t worry about getting the book sent immediately, because there really is no rush, and I know your days are very busy. Thanks again,